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The Rich Tea Show

The Rich Tea Show
Show details
Day Saturday
Times 17:00 - 18:00
How often ? Fortnightly

The Rich Tea Show is presented by local teacher and pantomime dame Richard Boys. Listeners can expect to hear some instantly recognisable songs. Many of these are requests through the show's Facebook and Twitter pages,  However the main premise is to introduce listeners to new artists and, especially local bands / artists through the means of live performances in the studio. When these artists are in the studio, expect to hear plenty of informal chat about the band and their music: a real 'get to know the artist' vibe.


Meeting all these artists have been memorable, but there have been several highlights. The first time 'Hysteria - Kids' Rock Band' were in the studio, we dedicated an hour special at a one off Saturday morning slot. Five 10-13 year olds in the studio for an hour certainly kept me on my toes.  Ben Cornish from this band has since been in on several occasions - on his own, with his brother, Zach and also with his new band 'New Project' (11 year old Dan, aka drummer 'Danimal' getting inadvertently tied up in headphone cable provided much amusement to all in the studio). As a grade 8 lead guitar player at 13, Ben's guitar playing is quite incredible to watch. Sarah Yeo has been in the studio twice, once with Nick Tilley. It's like having my own intimate concert when they come in. Really special. And then, how could I not mention when 'Radiosaurus' came in for a 'Halloween' special that included a wonderful rendition of 'Ghostbusters'. That was great fun!


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